ALTER-EGO LIFE COACHING. Cynthia has over 170 years combined experience with all the other egos in her head in helping alter-egos win the battle inside their owner's mind.. 'Ask yourself,' she says, 'is anybody there?' If the answers is yes, who you gonna call? Being an alter-ego herself, she understands more than any other fictitious personality how to get to the brunt of your sub-concious freak.


Some alter-egos are never lucky enough to be born, others linger unhappily in the sub-concious playing havock with social skills and interpersonal development. Then there are those who 'MADE IT REAL' with Cynthia. Below are some 'make it real life stories' from some of my favourite alter-ego friends.

'I made it through the wilderness! obsessed with getting the washing done and cleaning floors to no avail.I didn't know how lost I was until I found Cynthia, Darling! I'd been had, I was sad and blue, but my Twin Tub made me feel shiny and new. Like a Twin Set, washed for the very first time; when his underpants are washed next to mine, cos only Comfort lasts...yes she made me strong, and she made me like Bold 3...all hung out, with nothing to hide.'  Mabel Watson of Swindon

'When I was down and out, when I was on the street. When evening fell so hard
Cynthia, Darling comforted me. She took my part...Yeah, whoa, when darkness came and there was no one, no one I could love around...Just like a bridge over troubled water. I layed me down. 'Come on Silver Boy,' she said, 'Don't sail on by. Your time has come to shine and all your dreams are on their way.' And she was right.' Simon Garf (without an uncle)

CYNTHIA'S METHODS: Perhaps you are a bully and feel the need to take it out on people you see as weaker than yourself, might be the bullied one, vulnerable to the devil hiding in someone else's head, a naughty little red devil preying on all that is good in the world. Fear not, your alter-ego works like a mind-sweeper, making new what was once messed up and psychologically damaged. I'll pull the bugger out of you if it kills me, give it a back story and whole blog of its own. YOU, and your alter-egos can live in peace, preying only on an imaginary world of nice people, poetry, story and song. I say throw away the real is dull, like dirty washing piling up saying wash me over and over again. In the alter-ego world there is no washing...only lots of visitors to your sitehouse from all over the world (well, that's what we'd have you believe in your head)